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A B O U T  L A U R E N  D A Y 


Lauren Day is a NZ born, Sydney based singer and songwriter. Her smooth, soulful vocals carry contagious hooks with effortless delivery over her dreamy,chilled out, indie pop/rock and dream pop music. She writes about love, nostalgic romances, chasing summer, emotional struggles and relationships while always empowering her listeners. The artist has worked with numerous producers both locally and internationally while learning, growing and developing her sound into what you hear today.


Lauren grew up in Wellington, New Zealand and always had a love for music, in particular singing since a young age. “I would love to put on shows for my family when they had parties”. Recognising her talent early her mum put her into singing classes at 12 years old. From there her passion grew taking up guitar lessons at school and starting to write songs in her spare time. All was set for a promising career in music until her mid teens when she went through a tough time at school and dropped out at 16 years old. She started hairdressing to support herself and didn't come back to music until she turned 19 when she signed a deal with a Wellington 

music manager. She worked with local artists on various projects before moving to Sydney to chase her dream.

Since Lauren made her move to Sydney Australia, she has recorded 7 original tracks and produced 6 music video's as an independent artist working with some of Sydney's upcoming talents to bring her visions to life. The time had come to give it all she has and she left her full-time job to pursue her passion and started with a rebranding and started with changing her name from Lauren Sampson to Lauren Day and adapting a new sound to her music with the help of producer Brandon Laze.


Her first song as Lauren Day, 'Broken Queen' is about empowering women, “I wanted to write a song that had a powerful message to send and it was also something I needed to hear at the time". The idea is that of a fairy tale where the Princess saves herself without the aid of a Prince”. Brandon Laze reproduced the music around the vocals to give Lauren her new sound while still keeping the power and atmosphere of the song. The song made it to the Semi Finals for the International Song Writers Competition (ISC) after it's release in 2017.   

With the release of covers 'Give Me One Reason' (A childhood favourite of Lauren's) and 'Waiting for Tonight'  along with original 'Broken Queen' all produced with Brandon Laze, the pair then released , 'Aiming at the Sun' with the music video and Ruffloaderz remix in 2018. Lauren has performed the new singles at some of Sydney's top events such as Pageant of the World and Higher receiving rave reviews. 

Mid way through 2018 Yuto. a Melbourne based producer duo (who are also brothers) reached out to Lauren to write and sing on a track they had been working on. The single titled 'Forever Young' has been a huge success for all involved gaining radio play on FBI Radio (Sydney, Australia) and West Coast Radio (NZ). Whilst being added to a multitude of curator playlists on Spotify. The music video (available on Youtube) produced by Lindsey Veasy and Connor Gagen reached 9.5k streams with plenty of positive feedback from fans. 

Up next was working with Alex Preston a Sydney Based Producer/DJ. Lauren Sent Alex a vocal sample and 'Cold nights' was born. The single got picked up by Defected Records as part of Alex's EP and has been on fire since it's release on the 4th of February 2019. They came together again shortly after and produced 'Get to you' which was picked up by Mood Funk Records. The summer banger has been gaining traction since its release. Both 'Cold Nights' & 'Get to you' have received airtime on Triple J's 'Friday Night Shuffle' with The Aston Shuffle. 

Lauren and Brandon Laze came back together the new single 'It's U' an anthem for women and men everywhere who have put up with 'shitty relationships' with the 'It's not me, It's you!' hook this song and music video will be a powerful reminder that you can do better. 

'Seeing you again' was given to Lauren while in Lockdown by Matt Hurt after the pair had been working on her other tracks together. The song's verses are low and soulful, describing the struggles of living under restrictions. The song transitions into dreaming about travelling in the summertime with your loved ones with a dreamy, pre-chorus and hypnotic chorus making you feel like you're sailing the Mediterranean seas sipping wine together again. The song sits in a comfortable mid tempo pocket akin to chill out, 90's R'n'B and Neo Soul genres. With a traditional style rhythm section merged with more modern additions of sampled beats alongside a traditional sounding kit, manipulated sample material and a clear but relaxed vocal delivery. It features elements of trap beats and 90s electric guitar as the song builds then drifts out like a daydream. 

Lauren then started writing her EP. She demoed the tracks in her home studio with basic production, concentrating on developing her own sound with inspirations by Lana Del Rey, Solange, Snoh Aalegra and Joy Crookes. She enlisted the help finishing off production by Xavier Dunn, Matt Hurt and Alex Preston. The EP features three tracks; 'Summer Lover', a dreamy, indie pop song about a summer romance. The song was inspired by summers in NZ as a child, with references to a walnut tree that was in the yard of her childhood home and playing in the sprinklers. The production by Xavier Dunn evokes a warm nostalgic feeling for the listener with a vinyl crackle and harp accompanied by dreamy harmonies. The second track, 'On & On' references pushing through self doubt, and depression to discover herself and igniting her passion and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The 90's inspired production by Matt Hurt gives it a familiar, vintage aesthetic with added vocal production to help place it in a modern era. The final track on the EP is a cool, feel good summer song. Written after an amazing holiday in Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy. The song was inspired by long, balmy European summers and is a track that could put anyone in a good mood. Alex Preston bought his disco/house-esk vibes to the production of this adding live guitar and saxophone samples to give that Euro summer vibe.    

There's plenty of exciting music to stay tuned for with Lauren Day so stand by.

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