A B O U T  L A U R E N  D A Y 

Lauren Day is a Sydney Based Singer/Songwriter. Her strong, compelling voice set the tone in a modern electronic sound for her latest releases 'Broken Queen' and 'Give Me one Reason'. Lauren has performed her EP as a feature artist at many events around Sydney and has drawn in crowds with her performances. 


Lauren grew up in Wellington, New Zealand and always had a love for music in particular singing since a young age. “I would love to put on shows for my family when they had parties”. Recognising her talent early her mum put her into singing classes at 12 years old. From there her passion grew taking up guitar lessons at school and starting to write songs in her spare time. All was set for a promising career in music until her mid teens when she went through a tough time at school and dropped out at 16 years old. She started hairdressing to support herself and didn't come back to music until she turned 19 when she met a music manager whilst doing promotion modelling for a KO Boxing event. Showing interest in Lauren, he got her into the studio to record a cover of 'Fever' and later signed her to a Management contract. Lauren recorded one original track on 

that contract before her manager left Wellington to return to Sydney and cancelled the contract. Determined to get her music dream back on track Lauren joined a few music groups, but the small city wasn't big enough to support Lauren's big dreams, it was time to move to a bigger city. 

Since Lauren made her move to Sydney Australia, she has recorded 3 original tracks and produced 4 music video's as an independent artist. Working with some of Sydney's young upcoming talents to bring her visions to life, Lauren is extremely talented creatively having created her own website, music videos, lyric videos, image graphics, and logos. The time had come to give it all she has and she left her full-time job to pursue her passion full-time. To start with rebranding was in order and she changed her name from Lauren Sampson to Lauren Day and adapted a new sound to her music with the help of producer Brandon Laze who completely understood her vision. “We met at a single launch for an artist he had produced for and hit it off immediately! I sent him my vocals and by the next day he had created exactly what I had envisioned for the track! It was if he had read my mind!”. 


The song 'Broken Queen' is about empowering women. “I wanted to write a song that had a powerful message to send. I strongly believe in women’s rights, and it was also something I needed to hear at the time". The idea is that of a fairy tale where the Princess saves herself without the aid of a Prince”. Brandon Laze reproduced the music around the vocals to give Lauren her new sound while still keeping the power and atmosphere of the song. The song made it to the Semi Finals for the International Song Writers Competition (ISC) after it's release in 2017.   

With the release of covers 'Give Me One Reason” (A childhood favourite of Lauren's) and 'Waiting for Tonight'  a long with original 'Broken Queen' all produced with Brandon Laze, the pair then released , 'Aiming at the Sun' with the music video and Ruffloaderz remix in 2018. Lauren has performed the new singles at some of Sydney's top events such as Pageant of the World and Higher receiving rave reviews. 

Mid way through 2018 Yuto. a Melbourne based Producer Duo (who are also brothers) reached out to Lauren to write and sing on a track they had been working on. The singled titled 'Forever Young' has been a huge success for all involved gaining radio play on FBI Radio (Sydney, Australia) and West Coast Radio (NZ). Whilst being added to a multitude of curator playlists on Spotify. The music video (available on Youtube) Produced by Lindsey Veasy and Connor Gagen reached 9.5k streams with a multitude of positive feedback from fans. 

Up next was working with Alex Preston a Sydney Based Producer/DJ. Lauren Sent Alex a vocal sample and 'Cold nights' was born. The single got picked up by Defected Records as part of Alex's EP and has been on fire since it's release on the 4th of February 2019. The track received airtime on Triple J's 'Friday Night Shuffle' with The Aston Shuffle. 

Next up Lauren and Brandon Laze are back together with a new single 'It's U' an anthem for women and men everywhere who have put up with 'shitty relationships' with the 'It's not me, It's you!' hook this song and music video will be a powerful reminder that you can do better. 

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